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These 3 materials will constantly provide your penis with amazing benefits. peloop™ is simply worn at the bottom of your penis just like you wear a ring on your finger. It's penis enhancement and penis enlargement made simple.

These materials work by drastically improving the condition of blood inside your penis. Your penis health is as good as the blood health inside it. If you have unhealthy blood in your penis, you will have a weak unhealthy penis BUT if you have healthy blood in your penis, you will have a big, strong and healthy penis. It's that simple. Please continue reading to fully understand how peloop works for male enhancement.



How does peloop™ basically work?

The first benefit comes from the magnet. peloop™ contains a strong rare earth magnet that creates a magnetic field around the base of your penis where the blood enters.

When blood flows through this magnetic field, the blood cells spin then separate from each other giving each cell more surface area to carry much more oxygen and vital nutrients to your penis. The magnetic field also widens your penis's blood vessels allowing more blood to flow through.

The second benefit comes from Tourmaline and Germanium which emit negative ions (also known as "Air Vitamins") and Far Infra-Red Rays (also known as "Growth Rays").

Negative ions work to neutralize acidic levels in the bloodstream while Far Infra-Red Rays cleanse and increase the production of cells inside your penis.

peloop™ is physically made by mixing Silicone, Germanium and Tourmaline using a high quality Mix-Refining Machine. Then a Vulcanizing Testing Machine is used to create the mold with a small hole for the magnet. The material mixture is added to the mold to create peloop™ and the magnet is then inserted.

The result is one powerful peloop™ that combines these amazing materials to give you permanent and lasting penis enhancement and enlargement.  

The 3D animation below shows a very simplified illustration of how peloop™ effects the blood cells as they enter the penis.


Getting hard and staying hard!

Getting it up and keeping it up is one of our biggest concerns. As we age, eat less then perfect foods, smoke, drink, overwork and just deal with the stress of daily life, our bodies in general and our penises specifically begin to suffer. Did you know that as we age our penises begin to shrink in size?!

The question is how do we make sure that our penises stay healthy and strong and even grow bigger and better?

We have to answer that question. We have to because our self esteem depends on it. Our happiness depends on it. Our relationships and sex life depends on it.

To answer that question, we have to know:

what makes a penis get hard and stay hard? and what feeds it and nourishes it?

Blood. It's the lifeline, the filler and the key to a bigger stronger healthier penis.

erection chart

Definition of Penis Erection:

"A state in which the penis fills with blood and becomes rigid."


When you have an erection, it's just blood flowing into your penis causing it to expand. It's very important to understand that. Without blood, your penis is just a small piece of spongy skin hanging between your legs! Blood is what mushrooms your penis into a big hard cock.

Think of a balloon. Without air, a balloon is just a wrinkled up piece of rubber, but fill it up with air and it becomes a big round fun balloon. Your penis is a lot like a balloon; without blood, it's a wrinkled up piece of skin but fill it up with blood and it becomes a big strong cock.

Improve the blood flowing into your penis and you will have a new bigger, stronger and healthier penis.

Blood doesn't only act as filler, it carries with it the oxygen and necessary foods your penis needs to grow and be healthy.

If the blood cells you let in were more clean, separated and organized, your penis will receive all it needs to grow healthier and stronger.

AND if you could pump more and more healthy blood into your penis, your penis will expand and mushroom even more.

That's what peloop™ does for your penis. It improves the blood flow in your penis. It's light weight and you won't even feel like your wearing it. It's simple, comfortable, affordable and most importantly:

It works!   


What does the Magnet do?

a magnet carrying
1300 times its own weight.
Magnets were discovered thousands of years ago. The ancient Greeks and Chinese found rare stones, called lodestones, and found that they were naturally magnetized. These stones attracted small pieces of iron and always pointed in the same direction when allowed to swing on a piece of string. The name ‘magnet’ actually comes from Magnesia, a district in Thessaly, Greece.

Magnets are objects made of certain materials that create a magnetic field: an area near a magnetized body where magnetic forces can be detected. These magnetic forces can be very strong as seen in this picture.

Today magnets are used in so many industries, from cars to computers and even in credit cards.

peloop™ has a strong magnet that works by creating a magnetic field around the base of the penis, so the blood is forced to go through this magnetic field when it enters. The iron in the blood cells is effected by the magnetic field causing the blood cells to spin and separate as they enter the penis.

Clean separated blood cells are more much beneficial to your penis. The separated cells have more surface area to carry oxygen and vital nutrients to all your penis tissues.


Note the red blood cells travel in clusters, this leaves little surface area for the cells to carry oxygen and deliver it to your penis.. this is what is present in most men in varying degrees.


Here we clearly see the effect of the magnetic field; the blood cells are clearly separated. The magnetic field influences the iron in the blood cells, spinning the cells around and pointing them in one direction. This allows the cells to repel each other and separate and now there's much more surface area for the cells to carry more oxygen.

The magnetic field also widens the blood vessels allowing more blood to flow through, the result:

Improved performance of the blood inside your penis.
A bigger, stronger and healthier penis.


What are Far Infra-Red Rays (FIR)?

Far Infrared is a form of electromagnetic light energy. It falls within the same family of the Infrared Ray in the light spectrum.

Due to its longer wavelengths, FIR cannot be seen by human eyes, just like X-rays. However, the human body can absorb FIR because of its penetrating ability. Unlike visible light, infrared rays can penetrate skin and the underlying tissues up to 1.5 to 2.8 inches.

FIR is also known as; the growth radiation, growth rays, growth light, heat light, and life light.

FIR protects cells and increases the production rate of cells. It promotes the growth of living beings in general such as plants and animals. This energy is absolutely essential for human beings and all living things in this world.

FIR expands capillaries which stimulates increased blood flow, regeneration, circulation and oxygenation.

When FIR penetrates through skin to the deeper tissues, it transforms from light energy into heat energy and elevates tissue temperatures. The body then reacts by dilating all the blood vessels and capillaries regardless of size. Tissues are revitalized because of the improved (micro & macro) circulation, promoting much better blood circulation and cleansing of toxins and wastes.

Scientists in Japan report that in the FIR treatment of clogged capillary vessels, heat expands the capillaries and then initiates the start of a process to dissolve hidden toxins. FIR thereby promotes elimination of fats, chemicals and toxins from the blood: Poisons, carcinogenic heavy metals, toxic substances from food processing, lactic acid, free fatty acids, excess sodium and uric acid and subcutaneous fat associated with aging and fatigue.



From 'The Scientific Basis and Therapeutic Benefits of Far Infrared Ray Therapy' by acclaimed Japanese medical doctor, Sasaki Kyuo:

"Far Infrared technology is generating outstanding results and is rapidly gaining worldwide recognition and acclaim: The benefits of  FIR technology are truly phenomenal..

When the normally smooth, firm lining of the arteries becomes thickened and roughened by deposits of fat, fibrin, calcium and cellular debris, it lessens the arteries ability to expand and contract, and slows the blood movement through narrowed channels.

These conditions make it easier for blood clots to form, blocking the arteries and stopping blood flow completely. FIR is able to neutralize blood toxicity and smooth the walls of arteries, capillaries and veins."


In Japan, there's even an "Infrared society" composed of medical doctors dedicated to further FIR research. Their findings support the outstanding health benefits of FIR.

Far Infra-Red Rays:

Improve circulation by exerting strong rotational and vibration effects at the molecular level.

Enhances the delivery of oxygen and nutrients in the blood cell to the body's soft tissue areas.

Promotes regeneration of cells and tissues.

Increases metabolism between blood and tissue.

Enhances white blood cell function, thereby eliminating of foreign pathogens and cellular waste.


Expanded blood vessels allow more blood flow, more regeneration, better blood circulation and oxygenation.


What are Negative Ions?

Negative ions are tiny particles commonly found in high concentrations in forests and near sea sides and waterfalls. In Asia, negative ions are known as "Air Vitamins".

Negative ions neutralize acidic levels in the bloodstream.

People feel good when they are at the beach, in the mountains, visiting the countryside, walking in forests, or near waterfalls, that's because of the high levels of negative ions.

On the other hand, positive ions are found in highly polluted areas, around electrical equipment such as an office full of computers. They have the opposite effect, they make us feel sick, stressed and depressed.

To compare the two environments; most large cities and offices have approximately 100 negative ions per cubic centimeter or less; yet fresh country air has approximately 2500-3000 negative ions per cubic centimeter.

Negative ions are odorless, tasteless, and invisible. For years, many leading sports leaders have been using negative ions to improve their athletes performance.

Recent technology has made negative ion benefits accessible to a lot more people. The result is an increase of negative ion technology products especially in the sporting fields of golf, baseball, tennis, basketball, martial arts and many others.

peloop™ constantly emits negative ions deep within your penis tissues and so balances the acidic levels in your penis blood stream.


Is penis enlargement possible?

Yes. Take a look at this picture of an african tribesman from the Karamojong tribe of northeastern Uganda.

knotted penis

Karamojong boys hang stone disks from the tip of their penis. More and more disks are added until the weights reach about 20 pounds. By then, their penises could measure up to 18 inches or longer.

The problem with penis enlargement this way, by hanging weights, is that it causes permanent damage to your penis and kills the nerves inside. Although these Karamojong boys have extremely long penises, they cannot get an erection.

Still, this does prove that penis enlargement is indeed possible and there should be no doubt in your mind that you too can actually enlarge your penis. Your mind tells your body what to do and believing in your mind without a doubt that you can enlarge your penis, is absolutely key.

Always keep this picture in mind.  


More about Magnetics
(From Independent News & Media )


   Magnetic jewelry are
      becoming popular
     because they work!

magnetic jewelry

  There are many types
  of magnetic products.
 There's even magnetic
  mattresses & pillows!


There is now mounting evidence that magnetic therapy is effective. More than 300 research teams around the world, at institutions as prestigious and mainstream as Imperial College London, and California, Yale and Harvard universities, have found evidence of positive effects.

It has been shown to work in conditions as diverse as arthritis, depression, incontinence, wound healing, epilepsy and spinal injuries, and is being investigated as a treatment for many more, including cancer, migraine and MS. It can even, it is suggested, help to straighten crooked teeth and encourage bone to grow.

Back in ancient Egyptian times and beyond, it is likely that the original idea of magnet therapy stemmed from the unusual effects of natural stones. That is almost certainly why Cleopatra wore a naturally magnetic lodestone on her forehead to slow down the ageing process.

... Other forms of magnetic therapy are applied directly to the problem area. At Harvard University, patients with osteoarthritis were given high-strength magnet or dummy sleeves for their knees, which they wore for six hours a day, for six weeks.

The researchers found that the beneficial effects of the magnetic sleeve began to kick in after four hours, with a sevenfold difference between patients who had the real sleeve and those who had the sham device. The team ruled out placebo effects because 77 per cent of the people who had the dummy treatment believed that they had had the real thing.

Researchers at the Peninsula Medical School in Plymouth also found that osteoarthritis pain was helped by wearing a standard magnetic bracelet compared to a dummy one. "Pain from osteoarthritis of the hip and knee does decrease when wearing magnetic bracelets," they reported.

For a study at the University of Washington, researchers put a magnet on the shoulder of patients who had suffered chronic pain for many years as a result of spinal-cord injury. After the magnet was put on the shoulder for one hour, pain levels halved.

The researchers in this last study said that the therapy might work by the magnet acting on the nerves. But just how this laying on of magnets works is still not clear. One theory is that it has some kind of impact on the blood, and research in North Carolina with animals shows that blood flow is stimulated by the movement of magnetic fields through tissue. Other theories suggest that magnet therapy changes skin temperature; has an effect on iron in the blood; improves oxygenation of the blood; alters the pH balance; improves electrical conductivity of cells; or stimulates new cell growth.

But researchers in Canada, who reviewed all the research on magnetic therapy and osteoarthritis, suggest that magnetic therapy works by stimulating new cartilage cells to grow. More conditions are now being tested for magnetic therapy, and sales of many devices are booming..."

( source: ©2005 Independent News & Media (UK) Ltd. )



Who else uses Magnets?

"I know what a difference magnets have made in my life!" Dan Marino

NASA has started adding magnets to space capsules to reduce symptoms of weakness in astronauts.

"The preponderance of evidence that magnetic fields can relieve pain in the body is sufficiently overwhelming…" Edgar Mitchell, Sc. D., astronaut. Apollo 14

According to Golf Magazine, 90% of senior PGA Tour players including Arnold Palmer are using magnets for pain relief and increased blood circulation.

"Magnets are one of the few treatments I’ve found that consistently help…" Jimmy Connors

"Because I know magnetic products work in professional football, I know they can work everywhere." Keolti Kamau, Trainer, San Diego Chargers

"This is not magic, there is nothing mystical about this... We have tested magnets on more than 5,000 patients and there is absolutely no doubt… the treatment works!" Robert Holcomb, MD, Assistant Professor a Neurology at Vanderbilt University Medical Center

From professional athletes to celebrities to common people all over the world. Magnetics are becoming more and more popular everyday and that's because they work.


What about safety?

The World Health Organization study on magnetic fields, published in 1987, declared magnets safe. All the scientific studies to date confirm that magnetic therapy is a safe form of natural therapy. It is important however that persons fitted with pacemakers, defibrillators, implanted insulin pumps or other electro-medical devices keep magnetic products at least 18 (45cm) from the device. Negative Ions and FIR are naturally effecting our bodies every day without any problems.

Does penis size matter?

The age old question; Does size matter? Well that depends on who you ask. Some surveys show that it does matter while other surveys show that it doesn't. You just have to ask your partner if it matters to her. The problem is that many woman will lie about it because they don't want to hurt you, it's like when they ask us "Do I look fat?!" and we answer "oh no, you like fine!".

But the fact that we do surveys and often bring up the subject should tell you something. After all, they don't do surveys asking women if the size of a man's neck matters! and we see personal ads by women looking for men with big cocks but never for women looking for small ones. It's because, for a woman, a big penis is both a visual turn on and a sensational turn on.

Regardless of what women think, a big strong healthy penis is very important to the man. When you're packing a big, strong, healthy penis, your confidence levels soar and it's the best feeling in the world; no amount of money, power or success will make a man feel as good as having a big hard cock that deeply satisfies a women.

It's no surprise that we get bombarded by penis enhancement emails everyday..and while there are times when drugs such as Viagra™ are necessary, for most men, a simple thing such as peloop™ will do the trick to enhance your penis and strengthen it without any costly medical treatments.


What about the alternatives?

  pills extenders weights pumps surgery peloop™
   size gains no yes yes no yes yes
   health gains yes no no no no yes
   ease of use yes no no no no yes
   total cost high low low low high low

There's no need for popping all those expensive pills or wearing those uncomfortable awkward devices. peloop™ offers a very simple, affordable and effective solution to your penis' needs. All you have to do is wear it like you wear a ring around your finger. Remember:

"Everything should be as simple as possible, but not simpler!"
Albert Einstein.




Frequently asked questions

Is there a money back guarantee?
Yes, peloop™ comes with a 60 day 100% money back guarantee. If you're not happy with peloop, simply return it for a refund.

Is peloop™ safe?
yes, peloop™ is made of silicone, tourmaline, germanium and a single magnet. All of these materials are commonly worn and have stood the test of time in terms of their safety.

How long does it take to see results?
While peloop™ goes to work the moment you start wearing it, the time it takes to see significant results will depend on your current penis health. If your penis is completely unhealthy, it could take a longer time just to put it back in shape. For optimal results; combine peloop™ with penis exercises and take a good complete multi-vitamin to supplement your diet.

Is peloop™ comfortable?
Yes, peloop™ is very similar to those popular yellow silicone bracelets that many people wear today. It fits loosely around the penis and you'll get used to it very quickly. You won't even feel like you're wearing anything at all.

Should I wear peloop™ all the time?
The more you wear peloop™, the more it improves the blood inside your penis. So while you don't have to wear it all the time, you should try to keep it on most of the time, except for times when you go to shower or pass through airport metal detectors..etc.

Is it shipped discretely?
Yes. It shipped discretely in a plain brown envelop.

The gold layer on the magnet is coming off, is that ok?
The gold layer on the magnet is just for color and has no impact on the magnet's performance. To be sure if your magnet is working properly, simply stick peloop to your fridge door, if it sticks, then it's fine, if it falls, then it's defective and you can send it back for a replacement free of charge.

Can I pay by check or money order?
Paying by credit card or paypal is the only method of payment because everything is automated and your order will ship immediately.

I ordered XX days ago and still didn't receive my order?
Sometimes international orders will get held up at customes but eventually go through. Please be patient and allow sufficient time for it to arrive. We ship orders immediately. If it's been a very long time since you ordered and did not received it, then contact us. If you're in a hurry to receive it, please select fast shipping during checkout.


Letter from the founder
Omar Photo
Mr. Omar Long

Hi and thanks for visiting

Please know that your time here is not being wasted because you just found something that will change your life forever! If you are still skeptical about peloop™ and its benefits, before you leave, you still have to consider 3 things:

1) What if it really works?
2) What do I have to lose?
3) What are the alternatives?

You won't rest assured about these 3 questions unless you try peloop™. There is nothing more I can say here to address these 3 questions.

Take another close look at the microscopic images of blood cells at the top. Those are real microscopic images of blood cells before and after entering a magnetic field. Those pictures show a clear and big difference. You can get a microscope and see it for yourself. I say that in all seriousness. You can contact a local lab with a high quality microscope and try putting your finger underneath it, then place a magnet next to your finger and take another look and you will see the difference for yourself.

peloop™ does work. The images show it and the feedback we get from lots people shows it, but again, the only real way for you to be sure is to try it.

So what do you have to lose?

Well the price is $39.95 for now and the shipping is FREE. So is that a lot to lose? even if you get no benefit from it, which is impossible, it's still not a lot to lose! The price is small and affordable and it lasts forever, so it's just a one time purchase.

BUT don't even worry about the price because your order comes with a 100% money back guarantee. If you're not happy with peloop™, you can just return it and get a refund.

What about losing time? Well peloop™ is worn around the penis just like you wear a ring on your finger, there is no time lost, you don't have to do exercises, read manuals, watch videos..etc you wear it in 2 seconds and forget about it. Do you waste time wearing a watch?! or a ring?! or a belt?! No, you just wear them quickly and forget about them. There're no time wasted with peloop™. There is no interruption of your daily life.

What are the alternatives?

If you do a search on penis enhancement, you will find some alternatives. You will find that most of the options out there are pills that you have to keep taking all the time and keep spending money on to get some benefit.

You'll also find devices that are too complicated and too cumbersome to be worn. These devices are just not practical and do not offer any internal health benefits at all.

And what about the alternative of not doing anything at all? That will only leave you with a shrinking, weak and unhealthy penis! Please don't do nothing! Science and discovery have advanced so much in the last 100 years and we now know the keys to our health. There is no excuse, at this time and age, for ignoring and denying ourselves these amazing benefits. Let me repeat a statement that was mentioned above in case you missed it:

"More than 300 research teams around the world, at institutions as prestigious and mainstream as Imperial College London, and California, Yale and Harvard universities, have found evidence of positive effects"

The science and research is there and it's overwhelming!

On a personal note, let me share with you how peloop™ came about and why. Like you, I always knew that sex and how I perform in bed is one of the most important aspects of my life, if not the most important, and while I had no complaints from my wife, as I got older, I realized that age is slowing me down and that my less then perfect lifestyle isn't helping either. So I ordered some pills but I quickly got tired of popping all those pills all the time. I tried those exercises but to be honest I ended up just masturbating or having sex because I got aroused when I started doing them, in fact it's part of the exercise routines, you actually have to arouse yourself and then do the exercises!

So one day my wife bought me a magnetic bracelet to wear and sweared to me that it worked for her. I wore it, "why not?" I thought, and sure enough I felt a difference. Soon afterwards I wondered if wearing it on my penis would make a difference. So I bought a less rigid one, adjusted it and made the first version of peloop™. It was awkward and uncomfortable to wear but I felt a difference. So I kept wearing it and without getting into my sex life, my penis had a life of it's own! and my wife actually had to ask me to stop wearing it because my new penis was too much for her to handle! Now I wear peloop™ on and off.

To make a long story short, I talked to manufactures I had worked with and consulted with experts in the field and we ended up making a simple, comfortable and practical version of peloop™. Since then, it was further improved with even more amazing and beneficial materials like Tourmaline and Germanium and has been submitted for a patent.

The success of peloop™ doesn't surprise me at all, I wear it and I know what it does already. We have happy customers from all over the world who send us lots of thank you's and positive feedback.

peloop™ will change your life, it will make you feel like a stallion in bed! it will boost your ego and confidence to a whole new level.

I'm sure you'll be a new man with peloop™.


Omar Signature

Omar Long




peloop™ is simple, affordable and really amazing.

Don't settle for an average penis!
Don't let your penis shrink!
Don't ignore it and deny it the healthy blood it needs!

Instead, fill it up with a lot more clean healthy blood.
Make it grow bigger and stronger.

Know what it's like to be hung and proud of your manhood. Know what's it like to really satisfy women.

It's so easy with



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